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What is the difference between a 94% arrestance filter and an 82% arrestance filter?

The main difference is airflow. Our 82% filters were developed to allow for extra airflow so you can use them in systems that have a reduced sized return opening. You'll often find these in older homes where central air was installed after the house was constructed. Because of the additional airflow, the filtering efficiency is reduced by about 12%, but remember, at 82% filtering efficiency, it's still about 8 times better than the typical disposable filter.


 What's the difference between the Gold Frame and Silver Frame filters?

Our Gold Frames are made with premium quality extruded aluminum, gold anodized frame with a durable and attractive finish. The Silver Frames are silver in color and made with 1 piece of metal instead of 4 pieces of metal like our Gold Frame filters. Basically, the Gold Frames are higher quality and more durable.


ELECTROSTATIC AIR FILTER cleans the air by using static electricity, a safe, naturally occurring phenomenon. An electrostatic charge is generated by air flowing through a maze of static prone fibers. Airborne particles are attracted and held by the static charge until released by washing. All Air Commander ELECTROSTATIC AIR FILTER contain an EPA registered anti-microbial material to inhibit mold and bacteria growth on the air filter surface.
The air you breathe contains many irritants such as pollen, dust, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander and smoke. Most of these particles are smaller than one micron. Our ELECTROSTATIC FILTER is an effective and efficient way to reduce the number of these particles in your air. This unique characteristic improves air flow while providing.Be Careful! Not all electrostatic filters are the same! It is very important that air filters have LOW AIR RESISTANCE so they don't make your central air unit work harder. This can lead to higher energy bills and eventual damage to your HVAC unit. Our filters feature a low 0.12 WG air resistance rating. If you clean our filters regularly (every 30-60 days), they will clean your air AND protect your air handler. 


 What makes a good electrostatic filter?

A strong, durable frame with filter media that balances arrestance with resistance. Some filters have excellent dust arrestance but too much air resistance. What's the problem with that? Too much resistance puts a strain on your system's blower and results in higher energy bills. It can even damage your heat and air system over extended periods of time.

Built by Air-Care in Las Vegas, NV. Air-Care is not just a filter company. They are in the Indoor Air Quality business and look at the issue of air filtration from all angles. That's why their filters provide the best balance of arrestance and resistance.

All Air-Care filters have the same filtration specs.
Tested using : ASHRAE 52.1 PROTOCOL

Peak Arrestance: 94.7 
Initial Resistance: 0.12" W.G. 
Dust Holding: 165 grams 
Airflow Rate: 300 FPM 
End Point of Test: 0.50" W.G. 
Typical MERV Rating: 6-8 

2 Layers of Monofilament, woven polypropylene - Self charging electrostatic
1 Layer Non-Woven Polyester - Depth loading, impingement type secondary filter
2 Layers of expanded steel provide support and air foil
1 Aluminum Frame to structurally hold and seal filter material layers


Easy to Clean

These filters are tough and can be vacuumed off, hosed off outside (or in the tub/shower) or cleaned with compressed air. 




Above, you will see a drop down menu that allows you to choose from 3 different frame styles:
The Standard Metal frames are silver colored, made from stainless steel with silver metal mesh and grey filter media.
The Deluxe Gold frames are made from premium quality extruded stainless steel, with a durable and attractive Gold Anodized finish, silver mesh and black filter media. The extra-strong gold frame is best for large filters.
The Flexible frames are used for applications where a rigid frame will not fit. The edges of the filter are woven and the filters will bend and twist.




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